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ICT Summit 2013 Input

on Thu, 06/07/2012 - 17:54

Hello to all,

As you are probably aware, 2013 is the sesquicentennial of the Morrill Act which paved the way for the creation of Umass Amherst. That means that celebrations of many styles are planned for the 150th of UMass.

It would make sense to tie the ICT Summit into the many events currently being planned.

So...theme? Audience? Activities? At this time I am looking into existing schedules of other events so that we can plan not to coincide with any other major happening on campus. I have met with members of the Development Office who are willing and interested in supporting our endeavors - perhaps with having corporate donors/presenters/etc.

Here are some rough ideas to start this off:

Theme - 150 years of technology: What's next?
Keynote Speaker?  One recommendation so far is Christopher Dede.
Activities :

  • Vendor/corporate exhibition
  • collaborative work with vendor material/equipment presentations by....
  • poster session?

Schedule - one day? two days? two half days?

Let us know what you think by posting your comments below, please.

Thank you!

Jerry Schoen's picture

(Sasquatch being the time-saving nickname for sesquicentennial)

I like the theme of 150 years of technology. My guess is that UMass starting as an agricultural college, was very involved in the modern technology of the day. it would be nice to have some exhibits on the 1850 version, vs. modern version, vs. future versions of technologies associated with everything from soil science to meteorology to advertising and getting products to market, etc. - particularly those technologies that have to do with the transfer of information, of course.

This would be a good opportunity to try a two-day summit. How about holding a "field day"? Devoted largely to field trips or labs wherein participants would be actively involved in some hands-on activities with technologies: taking handheld tours of the Campus Arboretum or some other GIS activity, taking the Computer Driver's License test, etc.


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As the university plans activities and events for the Sesquicentennial celebration, I would like to take the opportunity to pursue the possibility of having the ICT Summit 2013 included in the materials published by the university. I am also looking into submitting a proposal for funding of the Summit.

As such, your input/opinions/ideas are REALLY IMPORTANT. There is a deadline of August 1st for proposals and I have been told that the "early bird gets the worm". Proposals will be reviewed as they are received starting whenever the first one gets there. This will likely be by mid-July.

Jerry Schoen has posted a good suggestion for including all of us across the 5 Colleges. It is a second day that would allow for visits to labs/studios/etc. His suggestion is posted on the forum.

So...join us in this phase of planning. I will keep working with the University's planning to have us included and to be part of that master calendar.

Please note you must be signed up (no one but us gets this list) to post and see all comments. If you have any problems please let Dennis in the IT Program office know.

Many many many thanks for your time during the summer. If we can get the basic concept down for the proposal, I will work up a budget and submit the proposal. Let me know if your suggestion has a specific cost attached to it. We can then pick up the full planning at the start of the semester in September.

Again, Thank you - Gracias, Merci Bien, Danke schön

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